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Custom Cookies 

Our decorated sugar cookies are rich and buttery, with slightly crisp edges and soft baked centers, reminiscent of a shortbread cookie. They are decorated with a sweet royal icing with hints of floral and citrus. Our cookies are egg-free and can be made with a plant-based milk upon request. 

Pricing for decorated cookies varies from order to order, depending on intricacy and design. Details for base pricing can be found below. All cookies come heat sealed for freshness and packaged in a bakery box. 

Basic Decorated Cookies 

Starting at $4.75 /cookie

  • One dozen minimum

  • 1-2 shapes, designs, and colors

  • Minimal Piping

  • No writing/stencling or gold/metallic detailing*

*Add gold/metallic detailing or writing to basic decorated cookies for +$5/dozen




Example of a Basic Decorated Cookie set with gold detailing 

Detailed Decorated Cookies 

Starting at $6.25/cookie

  • One dozen minimum

  • 3+ shapes, designs, and colors

  • Detailed Piping

  • Writing

  • Gold/metallic detailing

  • Hand painted detailing

  • Stenciling




Example of a Detailed Decorated Cookie set 

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